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Six Metal Frames

Six Metal Frames

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A 14x14 inch metal frame that elegantly pops out off the wall for all your elegant art and creations. Each metal frame includes the metal frame, patented hanging hardware, anchors, screws and instructions.   Magnets and artwork are not included.


Benefits of using an Xibit Metal Frame:

Xibit uses magnets which means you will save time, with no need to remove any hardware off the wall or spend time replacing art in traditional frames.

Xibit pops 1.5" off the wall which means that anything displayed with feel as elegant as the kind of art you may find displayed in an art gallery.  In addition, you will be able to incorporate this modern type of farmhouse style into your own home decor.

Xibit metal frames rotate which means it eliminates the need to remove hardware off the wall when an artwork orientation changes between portrait or landscape mode. 


The Xibit Metal frame anchors and connects securely on the back of the wall which means you can feel assured that there is no chance of it falling off the ground and injuring someone.

Xibit's patented hanging hardware has built-in centered notches which means that you can save time and effort when installing it on the wall for the first time. This means that multiple frames on your wall are easy to measure, center, and install when creating home galleries.